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Hobart, Tas  | Sun 13th June 2021

For Hobart Women Who Want to 

Find Your True SelfMore Self Love

& Grow Your Confidence

(wherever you are currently)

Do you want a 

Step-by-Step Plan + The Tools 

to create a life you wake up to inspired to live


You’re invited to join us for a full day of transformation, connection + breakthroughs. You will leave feeling heard, with clarity on how to get true happiness and fulfilment in your life

Here's Want to expect in this 1-day workshop...

You'll learn how to...

  • ​Breakthrough beliefs + past pain holding you back from living the life you truly desire 
  • ​Gain the confidence to speak your truth + share it with the world without feeling judged
  • ​Create + build healthy relationships
  • Get rid of self judgement + judging your body
  • ​Accept + Love who you are
  • ​Unlock your Potential + find your Purpose
  • ​Create a life in alignment with your true self - recognise what's not working in your life
  • Own your power
  • Raise your Vibe, feel happier + more positive - attract those who are more positive to you
  • Get the support + a safe space to share with like-minded people all wanting the same

"This is the best thing I’ve done for myself EVER. My whole life has changed, people need to know this stuff!"

- Alice, Hobart, Australia

Hobart Women... 

We have some questions for you...

Do you want to get unstuck and have MORE CLARITY on your life and the direction forward?

Do you want to honour your own truth without feeling judged (or judging yourself)?

Do you want to know, OWN and LOVE who you TRULY are?

Do you want to break through your fears + unhealthy habits?

Do you want to have a better relationship with yourself and others?

Do you want to be free of pain and hurt from the past?

Do you want to create a better life, one of happiness and fulfilment?

Do you want to know your purpose and the path to start living it?

Do you want to feel love and love others more?

Do you want to be confident to express yourself and use your soul gifts without judgement?

Join us on Sunday the 13th June, where we'll be showing you exactly how to, like we have with hundreds of other women...

Lucy & Amelia

Transformation + Life Coaches

What You'll Leave
The Workshop With...
  • Transform ONE KEY AREA of your life (this can be anything: love, career, family, finance, health, relationships)
  • ​A Customised, Life Road Map (specifically designed for you) - broken down step-by-step to get you to where you are currently to where you want to be
  • A Morning Routine Tailored To You (to raise your vibe and have more happiness, joy + flow in your day)
  • ​Get clear on your life direction and purpose moving forward 
  • ​At Least 3 Simple Tools you can use everyday to change your state, clear anxiety, anger, stress, self-hate or overwhelm
  • ​Establish a Connection With Your True Self + get clear on who you truly are and how to strengthen your connection back to yourself daily to start owning your truth
  • A Safe Space To Express Your Feelings, Be Truly Seen + Heard Without Judgement
  • Women who are looking + ready to make change in their life
  • Y​ou are unfulfilled with your current life - know there is something more out there but just haven't found the answer 
  • ​You struggle to love yourself
  • ​You are unsure of who you truly are and/or are lacking clarity on how or what to do to figure this out
  • ​You have underlying uncertainty and anxiousness about your future
  • ​You are open, ready and committed to make change
  • ​You give so much to those around you, but struggle to give to yourself
Workshop Details
& Location
  • Date: Sunday 13th June 2021
  • ​​Location: Ramada Resort, Seven Mile Beach, Hobart
  • Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm



Offer for a limited time only


per person

  • 1x Ticket
  • Journal
  • ​Workbook with Tools to take home
  • Morning Tea, lunch, coffee + tea



Bring A Friend 
(Get Your Ticket 1/2 Price)

For 2 Tickets
Was $398.00

  • 2x Tickets
  • 2x Journals
  • ​2x Workbook with Tools to take home
  • ​2x Morning Tea, Lunch, coffee + tea

100% Money Back Guarantee

We GUARANTEE that, if after the lunch break having fully participated in the Workshop, you feel you haven't learned enough to create a more fulfilling, empowered + inspiring life, simply hand in your program materials and we will send you a 100% money back refund.

Hi, we're
Lucy & Millie

Co-Creators of Queens That Bridge + Partners in Life

We've both overcome substantial amounts of trauma, abuse and abandonment in our lives, which at earlier stages lead to addiction. Addiction to: work, alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, relationships (you name it – we’ve been there).

By 25 we'd both flipped our addictions from harmful things, to an obsession with finding the recipe to radically transform our lives to have true fulfilment, success and a life of purpose.

In 2018 we both sold everything we owned, travelled 6 continents, worked with some of the world's top mindset coaches, business experts and Ancient Eastern Philosophers to find the answers. We spent more than $150,000 on the journey and tried more than 1,000 things to find the answers.

Between us we are a qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and hold multiple Business Degrees.

After finding and embodying a life of fulfilment, success, freedom and purpose, we have been featured in multiple global + local media outlets and now travel and speak around the world, sharing the recipe with others - to help them transform their own lives.
Some of the things
We Have Overcome
  • Body image
  • ​Self hate
  • ​Body dismorphia
  • ​Eating Addictions
  • ​Bulimia
  • ​Addiction (drugs, alcohol, gambling)
  • ​Sexual abuse
  • ​​Toxic/Abusive Relationships
  • Ashamed of sexuality
  • ​Afraid to be seen
  • ​Unworthiness
  • ​Childhood abandonment
  • ​Loss + Grief
  • ​Childhood trauma
  • ​Depression
  • ​Found + living our purpose
Giving Back

& Gratitude x

It is part of our purpose to share and give back to the local communities that have supported the changes in our life and development.

Through this Workshop, as an offering of our gratitude, we commit to give a percentage of all proceeds back to the Balinese Indigenous Communities  who have taught us and given us permission to share some of their ancient tools.

We are also committed to supporting the local community of Hobart, where we are sourcing the gifts and giving back to support small businesses involved in this workshop.

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