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Transform Your Trauma into Your


(Get The 3-Steps to Overcome Your Blocks + Unleash Your Potential in the Next 8 weeks)

 Mon, 2nd May @ 7:00pm (Hobart/Syd)

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Very limited webclass... Essential knowledge for anyone feeling held back from their potential

What You Will Learn On This Free Live Online Workshop:

#1: How To Reprogram Your Mindset + Limiting Beliefs

How to create a bullet proof mindset that can deal with any situation life throws at you, and a mindset that is aligned with exactly what you want (and will bring everything you want directly to you)

#2: How To Release Trauma + Raise Your Energy/VIBE

How to clear your trauma, pain and triggers (for GOOD!) and why years of counselling + psychologists hasn't fixed the problem. PLUS How to raise your energy + vibration to start manifesting better things in your life right now, with one simple pivot

#3: How To Reactivate Your Potential, True-Self + Purpose

How to can crack open your potential and start living it in the next 8 weeks. How to unlock your unique soul blueprint (everyone has one), get clarity, and a road-map on the next steps you need to take to live it!

Client Results

Georgi Barker

"I was overcome by grief and had no clarity on my future. I’m now in peace, content in who I am and have overcome so much trauma. My grief and pain has now been shifted into something beautiful and I now know why I'm here!"

Madison Gunther

"I was depressed. Before this my triggers we’re showing up every day. This has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life. The confidence, the blocks and trauma I’ve released. I’m so happy and energetic now"

Rhonda Anthony

"I’d done a bit of self-help work, but something was still missing. This system has allowed me to rediscover my joy and release my trauma - it’s never come back up again. I’ve finally got back in touch with myself"

About your Hosts

Amelia + Lucy, creators of The Rapid Transformation System™ discovered by overcoming their own trauma (addiction, sexual abuse and abandonment) and transforming that into their greatest asset, which now fuels and allows them to live their dreams. 

This system was discovered after many years struggling to find the answers to overcome their pain to create the life they dreamed of, but were left empty handed by other health professionals. After traveling 6 continents, trying over 1,000 tools/modalities and working with some of the world's top coaches, healers and ancient indigenous they founded this system.

Now been used by more than 2,500 women to help them break through any block and heal any trauma holding them back from unlocking their potential and fulfilment in all areas of their life (happiness, health, relationships + wealth).

Between them they are qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and hold multiple Business Degrees.

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Milly + Lucy help people like you overcome your blocks + trauma so you can 1. unlock your potential 2. have more fulfilment 3. a life with purpose