Do You want to live the life you were sent here for?
Discover the 4-step method specifically designed for aspiring coaches and mentors who what to activate their Mission, Life Purpose + create an abundant business using your soul gifts. 

Inside you'll get the whole process that took us 16 years to find + how you can too.
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In this guide, you'll get the complete roadmap to... 
Activate your Life Purpose, Mission + create a Soul-Aligned Business
Inside we're excited to share with you...
  • The Exact Roadmap + Clarity on your next step to activate your Life Purpose and Mission in the next 12 months (that you can start doing tonight)
  • Just like Amelia, who 24 months ago was working at a supermarket
  • How to Activate and Use your Soul Gifts to create a Business + Serve others that brings you Freedom and Abundance
  • Just like we have, now running a 6-figure business using our soul gifts
  • Discover what has been holding you back from being able to share your True, Authentic Self with the World and the simple processes to clear this block and fully take back your power
  • Just like us, now travelling the world sharing our story and method with thousands

About Lucy + Amelia


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