🧠 Shift Your Mindset ⚡️Raise Your VIBE 🔥 Unlock Who You TRULY Are

🧠 Shift Your Mindset  
⚡️Raise Your VIBE 

👁 Unlock Who You Truly Are 


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Give yourself 30-mins, for 3-days and we'll show you how to COMPLETELY Transform your life

[ What You'll Get in 3-Days  ]

Information from the best Doctors, Scientist and Ancient Philosophers on the Planet!

🧠 DAY 1
 REWIRE Your Mindset & SMASH Any Limiting Beliefs Stopping You
Hack how to overcome any block or belief in your life and become bulletproof!
⚡️ DAY 2
RAISE Your Energy & Release Any Trigger or Trauma From The Past
Learn exactly how to clear any block in your body holding you back from the energy and confidence you deserve
🔥 DAY 3
REACTIVATE Your Whole Life To The Next Level of Happiness & Purpose!
Learn how to turn on your power point (from the inside). Giving you energy and unlocking your potential so you can live your best life

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[ This if for you if: ]

  • Feel like you're at a crossroad in your life
  • ​Loss of direction
  • ​Looking for more (don’t know where to find it)
  • ​Want to connect into who you really are and your potential or purpose

  • ​Not resonating with old friends, people in your life, want new/deep connections
  • ​You're Open Minded, willing to do things you haven't tried before
  • ​Are ready to Grow, ready for MORE out of life

🔥 [ Look at these results! ]

"This is the best thing I’ve done for myself EVER. People need to know this stuff!" - Alice Hutcheon

"This was a fork in the road of my life" 
- Felicity Ey

[ So, What's included? ]

As part of the challenge, we’ll be giving you…

1// 3 ONLINE SESSIONS: 30 min per day

First thing in the morning you will get 1 video. 20 mins will be a training, 10 mins will be a task for you to do for the day, just 30-mins a day to transform your life! NOTE: Your first email will come Sunday Morning to prepare you for ultimate success on Monday Morning!

Daily Emails & Short Tasks

Each day we'll send you a unique assignment to complete. The challenges are designed to be fun and WILL push your comfort zone *just enough*, so you're making BIG strides!

3// Our PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: with Likeminded Women, Transforming their Lives

Join the private online community of like-minded women – just like you who want MORE out of life and are willing to take action to get there. It's your place for support, accountability and inspiration on your journey.

[ Who is Queens That Bridge?]

"Bridging you to your best life"

Queens that Bridge is a transformation/life coaching company created in 2018 after we both had our own transformations… We had the money, cars and clothes, but our souls were still dying inside. We both knew we we here for more, so we went on the search to create a life that was aligned in all way. Now we're show others how.

[ Amelia Jones]

  • Ex-Addict (Alcohol, drugs, food, gambling)
  • ​Sexual Abuse Survivor
  • ​Found self-love
  • ​Found her purpose + unlocked potential
  • ​Spiritual gangster
  • ​Built a 6-figure business doing what she loves
  • ​Master Coach - 13 Qualifications (NLP, Hypnotherapy, Theta, Personal Training)
  • ​Helped over 2,500 women

[ Lucy Prebble]

  • Abandoned as a child
  • ​Abused
  • ​Overcome Narcissistic Relationships
  • ​Mental Health Issues (and in my family)
  • ​Rewired Mindset
  • ​Ended a 9 year relationship
  • ​Cleared trauma and triggers
  • ​Found her purpose in life
  • ​Build a 6-fig business from her purpose


To Be The Bridge To Help Women Be Their True Selves and Unlock Their Highest Potential + Purpose in The World

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We are going to be going DEEP,
 and we will also be sharing some stuff we NEVER have before, so want to work deep with you to get the immediate feedback and have fun in the process.

That’s why we’re limiting this to ONLY 100 Women.

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