Are You Ready To..
Unlock Your Purpose & Start Living It?
7-Day All-Inclusive Luxury, Retreat in Sacred Bali to Unlock your purpose and Release ANY Blocks Stopping you from Activate Your Highest Self & Mission on the planet

Bali, Indonesia  |  Thur, 24th Nov 2022 - Thur, 1st Dec 2022

*This is an intimate group experience, limited to only 10 women

*Supporting local Balinese Locals and Communities throughout the entire retreat process
Welcome, to the 
Sacred Land of Bali...
She will be supporting your activation on the highest level into your purpose, and purification to release all that no longer serves you and is holding you back (just like she did for us, 4 years ago)
How do I know this retreat is for me?

Women's ONLY Retreat

  • ​You want to know why you're here and start living in it
  • ​You have a deep calling inside to do more with your life
  • You're all in and will do anything to live your purpose - you know NOW is the time
  • ​You've reached a point in your life where you've achieved a lot but still don't feel full
  • ​You don't feel worthy of living your dreams
  • Synchronicity's and weird things keep happening to you (it even pulled you to this page) and you know you have to listen
  • ​You are spiritual-minded and open to new ways of doing things
  • You resonate with Bali or the land calls you
  • You feel lost in life, you're looking for more meaning
  • ​You have a deep desire to help others in some way, you just don't know-how
  • You have gifts, something inside that you've been quiet about sharing or expressing but you know there is something down there that you've kept quiet for too long
  • ​You may know your purpose but it's now time to unlock it fully and go all in
  • ​ You don't want to die with your magic still in you, you know you need to express it in the world and you're ready
  • You have blocks, trauma or beliefs holding you back from doing what you were sent here to do and are

*Supporting local Balinese Locals and Communities throughout the entire retreat process

Your Retreat Investment

Thur, 24th Nov 2022 - Thur, 1st Nov 2022: Ubud, Bali

USUALLY : $7,999 (Twin Share
+ $9,499+GST (Private Room)

 SPECIAL OFFER for the final spots: 
$5,555 (Twin Share) 

Payment plans starting from only $50 AUD p/week

Our Itinerary
Day 1: Opening Ceremony & Awareness Session
We will open with a Cacao Ceremony and initiate you into the land of Bali. A big visioning session to open up to what's possible and exactly what you want to call into your life and then gain clarity on what's been holding you back, your blocks and beliefs that need to be released throughout the next 7 days to get you there.
Day 2: Purification of All that No Longer Serves You
As a group we will be escorted to an Ancient Balinese water temple in the Mountains, to receive a sacred blessing from the land of Bali to purify all that has been holding you back, keeping you stuck, and not serving you. In preparation for your connection back to your soul and purpose. This blessing requires prior permission to enter and connect to the island to receive the highest blessing on your journey.
Day 3: Activation into your Truest & Highest Self
We will journey out to the southern part of bali, to the Green Bowl Water Temple. This is a private temple that sits inside a cave looking over the ocean. Here you will be activated into your true self and highest expression.  You will be blessed by an ancient master to start receiving higher guidance for your purpose and to release anything blocking you from showing up as the highest YOU in the world.
Day 4: Integration & Sound Healing Session
A day to integrate the first few days of ceremonies and processes. You can chill out alone, connect with retreat participants or explore and do some shopping in the local Ubud town. In the evening we'll all head to the Pyramids of Chi for a private sound healing journey, to expand into what you're calling into your life.
Day 5: Deep Dive Soul Purpose Breakthrough & Transformation Day
An in-depth day, full of high-level tools and teachings at our retreat space to completely transform your mindset and breakthrough anything blocking you from your purpose. We will be using the best western tools on the planet to instantly transform and shift you including high-level NLP, Breathwork Hypnotherapy, Timeline, Theta Healing tools, Channeling and Activations with your Master Coach, Milly. In full preparation for your connection ceremony on Day 6.
Day 6: Sacred Soul Purpose Connection Ceremony
The day of your soul connection back to your purpose. We will journey together to the local villages out of Ubud, to attend your Sacred Connection Ceremony with an Ancient Balinese Master. This ceremony acknowledges your commitment and connects you back to your highest mission and purpose on the planet. In this ceremony, you will also be giving the highest level of gratitude to your angels and guides who have been supporting your journey since birth, so they can guide you on your purpose moving forward.
Day 7: Closing Ceremony, Your Soul Purpose Next Steps and Intention Moving Forward
We will be sealing off the work we've all done over the 7-day journey, giving gratitude for the land of Bali for supporting the fast-tracking of our proceses and putting a personalised plan in place for you to have 100% clarity on the next steps for you to take to start living in your purpose and doing your mission

Your invitation....

Every single one of us is presented with a opportunity to make the commitment to our soul purpose and life mission at least once in our lives.

This call comes from within.

Within your heart.
Within your soul.
Within your goosebumps.

Is it your time?

Do you have an inner knowing that the way you are currently living, is not the highest and truest version that lies within you?

Do you know, you came here for a reason?

You came here for a Purpose.

You came to live a life full of abundance. 
To live a life full of love 
To live a life of flow. 
To live your life in alignment.

To live a life full of meaning. 

To live a life in your soul gifts and to serve others with them.

But first, you must choose to take the Leap.

*limited to only 10 women

Your Accommodation
  • 5-Star, Luxury Accommodation
  • Walking Distance to Ubud Town Center (in a quiet location)
  • Private or Twin Share Room
  • Private Bathrooms in Each Room
  • ​Gym
  • ​Private Massage Room
  • ​Private Butler
  • ​ Housekeeping
  •  ​Private Chef
  •  ​Private Masseuse

*limited to only 10 women

What's Included?
  • 5 STAR ⭐️ Luxury Retreat
  • ​All Accommodation Included
  • ​7x Breakfast Included
  • ​5x Dinners Included
  • 5x Lunches Included
  • All Transfers included (inc. Airport or Hotel picl up and Return) 
  • High Vibe Food (daily juices, coconuts and cacao)
  • ​Daily Bottled Water
  • ​1x 60-min Massage
  • ​3x Exercise Session (Yoga and Movement)
  • ​​​Full 1:1 Coaching and Support from Lucy & Amelia throughout the 7-Day Journey (NLP, Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, Channelings, Quantum Healing + MORE)
  • Local Ancient Masters Time and Offerings for your Ceremonies
  • Daily meditation
  • All Temple Entry
  • ​Access to Local Sacred Locations
  • ​Transformational Soul Breakthrough & Removal Work
  • Soul Purpose Connection
  • Pyramid Sound Healing Journey
  • ​Full Moon/New Moon Fire Ceremony 
  • ​30-Min Pre-Retreat Call as a Group to Prepare You
  • ​Plus MORE...

*Supporting local Balinese Locals and Communities throughout the entire retreat process

*limited to only 10 women

What's Not Included?
  • International Airfare to Bali
  • ​Entry Visa On Arrival to Bali (IDR$500,000 or $35USD)
  • ​2 Lunches and 2 Dinners Out
  • ​Additional Massages
  • ​Pre or post tour accommodation

*Supporting local Balinese Locals and Communities throughout the entire retreat process

Your Retreat Investment

Thur, 24th Nov 2022 - Thur, 1st Nov 2022: Ubud, Bali

USUALLY : $7,999 (Twin Share
+ $9,499+GST (Private Room)

 SPECIAL OFFER for the 2 final spots: 
$5,555 (Twin Share) 

Payment plans starting from only $50 AUD p/week

Client Results
About Us
We’re Milly & Lucy 

Life Coach, NLP, Hypnotherapist

4 years ago, we both were called to the Sacred Island of Bali. 

At the time we were both lost, had hit a point in our lives where we’d achieved a lot materially but we were both knew what we were doing wasn’t it. 

We still felt empty and were deeply searching for our purpose in life.

Bali is where we found each other and it opened us up to two Ancient Master who over the span of the next 3 years became our teachers. They opened us up to the Ancient Balinese Knowledge and the way of life.

Through many of our own initiations and ceremonies over the years we have been able to purify, activate and initiate ourselves and our highest purpose and mission.

In April 2019, we completed our 7-Day Journey we invite you to today. 

Since this powerful 7-days, we've gone from 'lost', 'searching' and 'struggling' TO now  finding our true purpose, true mission, true alignment and abundance in all things in life (including building a multiple 6-figure coaching business).

We have now combined the best Ancient Balinese Teachings with the best Western Tools. 

Together we are qualified in 16 modalities including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Timeline Therapy, Personal Training, Theta Healing, Channeling, Seven Initiations of Enlightenment, Business plus more.

We've been featured in multiple global media outlets including FOX, 7, NBC, CBS.
We’ve worked with over 2,500 women around the planet to awaken to a higher level and activate their true self and purpose just like we have ourselves.

Co-creating with the Local Balinese People and Communities

It is part of our mission to share and give to (not just 'back') to the local Balinese communities that have humbly supported our development.

Through this 7-day Retreat as an offering of our gratitude, we  commit to sourcing everything we can possible through the local people and communities. 

Bali is our second home where we have built strong connections and throughout Covid-19 have supported the local communities to help keep them afloat during one of the hardest economic times.

Not only is this a life-changing opportunity for you, but also the opportunity to give back to such a beautiful, selfless, humble community of people.


More Life-Changing Results...
How do we book our spot?
Click here to fill in the Retreat application form. As this retreat is in high demand and to ensure we're all a good fit for the upcoming retreat we are connecting with each applicant to ensure this retreat will suit you. Once you have filled out your application form you will schedule a short call with us, where we will provide you with the rest of the details and get your spot locked in.
What are the Retreat dates?
We will start retreat on Thursday 24th November at 4pm and Finish on Thursday 1st December at 10am.
What are the payment terms? Do you have payment plans?
We offer multiple payment plans as well as finance options starting from $50 p/ week. The deposit is non-refundable. We also offer up-front payment discounts. Click here to apply and get all the payment options.
Where do we fly in/out of?
You will fly into and out of Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. If you arrive earlier than the retreat date you can arrange to meet our private retreat driver at the airport on collection with the other Retreat participants, or alternatively contact us to see if we can arrange him to pick you up prior/post airport pick up. You will also be dropped back off at the airport post retreat, there will be one other drop point depending on where other retreat participants will be staying. Please contact us to discuss this on our application call.
Do you have a Covid-19 Cancellation or any other Pandemic plan in place?
In the event that Covid-19 protocols or any other unforeseen pandemic interference (for example destination is under lockdown), the retreat will be rescheduled for a later date when travel is possible again. If this occurs, we will to transfer all of your funds towards the future retreat dates. No refund is given if the participant contracted the virus and can’t attend the retreat, in which case, travel insurance would most likely cover any losses depending on the travel insurer’s policy. It is important to confirm with the travel insurance provider that Covid-19 related issues are covered and to what extent. Your safety is the MOST important part of this journey.
Can I travel to Bali?
Yes, Bali is now open for travel for fully-vaccinated travelled. To enter you just need to purchase a visa on arrival ($35 USD or IRP $500,000) as you arrive in Bali. If you are not full vaccinated please contact us here to get full information on how to travel to Bali.
How many will be attending the retreat?
In order to be able to create a very special experience for you, this retreat has been limited to 10 women.
Can my spouse come?
The retreat is open to Women only, if you are both women then yes.  Anyone attending will be considered a full retreat participant. 
Any other Questions?
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